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Newwell Studio entity is about the Music business opportunity, and not just for the Musician but, also Partner production houses in our Business partnership list.

Established in 2018

A little on foundation

Founded by Exec. producer / Sound engineer and Music entrepreneur, Mr. Njogu. Newwell Studio is dedicated in delivering audio recordings and music productions that are of international standard, we have built an environment that brings out the best in any performer. In fact we know that our efforts bring out the best in performers as we have a growing list of satisfied labels, producers and artists who keep coming back. 

The Studio

We are place where the sound is born. A place where a non-physical art, like songs, becomes physically playable, the place where your favourite cartoon characters gain their voice. It’s the place where audiobooks, which you enjoy so much are recorded and produced.

Music Coaching

We bring our assistance with the playing, arranging and the production of your song. For singers who do not play an instrument, we will create a backing track that compliments the melody.

Musicians are guided through session by a team of experienced sound engineers and producers who will make music sound simply amazing.

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