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Music to Money

Music distribution is the process of getting music from the artist to the end consumer. Traditionally music used to be distributed by middlemen physically to music store. 

This later changed with the introduction of internet connection in our basic communication systems. In this article we are going to concentrate more on digital distribution since it’s the method widely used worldwide.

How Digital Music Distribution Works

Digital music distribution works much the same as physical distribution –the only difference is the platform and the resources used. Instead of physically transporting music albums to stores the distribution companies who have signed deals with the record label companies distribute music in digital format.

The music is uploaded to platforms that sell music such as iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.

Some digital distributors accept every artiste who wishes to sell via their site while other are so picky when selecting who to sell on it.

When downloading was introduced at the turn of 21st century, people used to download millions of songs from a wide range of artists for free. But when worldwide crackdown was launched consumers started paying for downloads legally from platforms such as iTunes and Amazon

Benefits of Digital Music Distribution

Digital music distribution is the way to go as it has several benefits which include:

  • Equal chance is given to all artists whether selling 100 or 10,000 albums
  • Free space for self- promotion reaching out to greater masses
  • It’s the most direct route to your fans
  • Higher revenues are achieved as there are no middlemen